terça-feira, 14 de setembro de 2010

Hello dears, what's up

This post will be different...i'll just talk in english YEES HAUHUAA i have to practice for my exchange in NY

of course that will appear 1461961498 grammatical and concordance errors..but i don't care, JUST PRACTICING.. and obviously that i'll need a little help from GoogleTradutor...

So, first i'll show u my future..or not

Broadway - OH NO -...maybe my exchange trip..well, for now it's just a dream, but i'll make it comer true (yn)

Now my heroes...yesterday they were on #CambioChat...and what's the first country that Demi talked about? BRAZIL! sorry Argentina :/

we need you @ddlovato, back to tt pleease! i can't live without your tweets ): bubu

I have to go now, have my breakfast.. i'ts 7:50 a.m and i'm really hungry ;s
Wake up early today..THANKS MY BROTHER, I LOVE YOU ¬¬
KISSES AND HUGS #xoxo #BlairVadiafeelings

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